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Communication. Key to Success

FinanceApp brings all of your customer, sales team & lenders communication in one place

Messaging System

Keeping your customer updated on the financing of their equipment can make or break a deal. Our platform provides customers with immediate updates as we take them through the funding process.

Mobile Ready

The mobile and tablet revolution is here to stay. More customers than ever are using their mobile devices to find products and search for information. FinanceApp was built to work on any device, anytime, anywhere!

Chat with your clients

The FinanceApp online chat engine allows vendors, borrowers, lender and your dedicated agent to communicate through one interface. Our chat client is also linked to email, so a customer can respond to chat through the software or by email.


Get your customers approved faster

FinanceApp allows you to get your customer approved faster and control the funding process.



Easy Online Quote

Enter the amount you want to finance and get an instant quote for an affordable monthly payment.


3 mins

Fill out a quick and simple online application.


1 hour
Application Credit Check & Approval

After you have completed the online application, it is submitted electronically through our credit approval process. FinanceApp runs your personal and business credit and will then provide you with an approval in less than an hour. Unlike the other guys, we pull your credit once and then shop multiple banks for the best rate & terms.

During the process, we will run your application across multiple banks and lenders underwriting criteria to see which bank is the best fit for your financing needs. Our customers can log into the FinanceApp portal at anytime to see the status of their application.


24 hours

Once you have an approval, we will compile the documents and upload them onto FinanceApp. For most leases, the customer can digitally sign online.

funded in 24 hours

All online

The Other Guys


mins to hours
Offline Quote

Fill an online form or excel spreadsheet to send a request for a quote.


10 mins

Download and print an application, fill out the multiple page form. Then scan or fax back the application.


2-3 days
Approval Process

After the financing agent has your application, they might submit it to one or multiple banks. If it is sent to multiple banks, each bank will pull your credit. This can have an adverse effect on your business and personal credit.

Over 2-3 days, the banks might ask for additional information in order to provide you with an approval.

There is no online portal to monitor the approval status.


2-5 days

Once the lease is approved, documents are sent via FedEx or overnight mail to the customer. They are then responsible to review, sign and send back to the bank. The bank then will put the documents on a stack that requires another approval to be completed.

Could take 1-2 weeks to get funded.
Some banks might take up to a month.


Powerful data that will help
you convert more business.

Have you ever wondered how many deals are not converted because of financing or what is the average approval credit score? Which lender offers the best rates or faster funding? We have the data that will help you you grow your business through financing.

Customized Finance Portal

Embed and customize FinanceApp into your website. Our easy to use interface
will allow you to customize FinanceApp to your brand or website in minutes.


Say YES More

Our lending platform offers access to more finance options and creative programs
to offer lower monthly payments and approve credit challenged customers with alternative options

    • Apply Online

      Our simple application takes only 3 minutes to complete

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    • Get quick approval

      One application goes to multiple lenders. Within minutes, they fight for your business and we present you with the best offer.

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    • Funding in 24 hours

      Funding in as fast as 24 hours

Proposal Generator with tracking

Create sales proposals, track customer interaction and automate follow-ups.

FinanceApp delivers your customers online proposals and allows your sales team to keep track of them throughout the entire funding process.



Sales & Marketing Automation

Close deals faster with our automation tools. It is like having your own personal sales assistant.

Never worry again about forgetting about an application or following up with a customers on completing their finance documents. FinanceApp handle it all for you.

Our Lender Network

Connect and create Vendor Finance programs with multiple
banks, private lenders and other alternative financing options.


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